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Ola TV APK: Today, all of us are living in a hurry and busy life as well we don’t have time to sit and watch television to entertain ourselves. So, at the same time, we are living in the digital world and the smart devices are at our fingertips.

In the market, there are numerous streaming apps with unique features and among those Ola TV APK is one of the best streaming applications.

Ola TV APK is a popular streaming application that meets the customer requirement with unique features. This app is designed to work with all types of devices including large screens. This is specially designed for smartphones and even also compatible with other devices too.

It has great and extreme compatibility as you do not face any problems as other apps do.

Ola TV APK will let you watch various movies, TV shows, series, videos, etc. of different languages of different genres. You can get various kinds of stuff that you can’t get on any other applications and it is very easy to download and watch your favourite pick.

Ola TV APK is the best app when it comes to operating it and it is not necessary to have a knowledge of programming. You can have a great experience while watching movies or shows and it is apt to having fun every time you want.

What is Ola TV APK?


Ola TV APK is a free application to download and install on your device to watch unlimited favourite shows, movies, series, etc. It offers us a various list of movies and shows of different languages and various genres.

This app is perfect for all types of ages free of cost at any time and anywhere you can watch any type of show or movie. Instead of watching movies, shows, or any other videos on Television, you can directly watch on this app for free.

Ola TV APK app is officially designed for smartphones but you can download on your tablets or operating systems also. If we talk about the size of the app, it is a very small size but the data or content in this app is having terabytes.

In the old version of this app has ads and in the new version there will be no ads and it is absolutely free to use. For more details of this app, let’s see the features mentioned below.

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Features of Ola TV APK app:

Here, is some of the lists of features of the Ola TV APK application. It has a lot of interesting features and the list of amazing features are listed below. It is very important to know about the features of an application before installing it on your device.

  • Easy to Use – The first thing we have to look for any type of application is its operations. Ola TV APK is easy to operate on your device as it has a user-friendly interface. You can easily use this app at any time and anywhere you want. This is the amazing best thing to consider about this application.
  • Free to Use – Everyone looks for free streaming applications to have fun in their free time. So, the other amazing thing about Ola TV APK app is its usage on the device and it is absolutely free of cost. You are not going to pay even a single penny to download and use this application on your device.
  • Various Channels – Today, people do not stick to a particular channel or genre. They love to watch different movies in different languages. In this Ola TV APK app, you can able to watch various channels that means it nearly offers 5000 channels to entertain you. It’s your turn to pick and watch your show or movie.
  • Download Shows – The most advantageous part of this application is you can watch movies and shows in offline mode also. Yes, it is true Ola TV APK app offers you to download movies within your account. So, that you can able to watch the downloaded movie whenever you want without an internet connection.
  • Various Countries – The special feature of the Ola TV APK app is that you can watch channels of various countries including Germany, Spain, the US, and many other countries also. So, the only thing is you have to allot some time to cover all your favourite shows or movies.
  • Interesting Genres – Ola TV APK app is not only for youngsters as it is suitable for all types of ages because it offers many interesting genres like sports, news, lifestyle, and many more. It never disappoints the kids because for them it covered all the kids’ shows globally.
  • Fully Secured – Many of the people are worried about viruses or any other Malware attacks while using some of the streaming applications. But coming to Ola TV APK app, it does not infect your device as this app is completely secured to use on your device.

These are some of the important features to consider before downloading the application. Even it offers many more amazing features and you can easily explore them while you start using this application. Let’s know how to install Ola TV APK app to your device.

How to Install Ola TV APK?

Install Ola TV APK on Android phones as it is one of the most popular streaming video applications. This app never disappoints in entertaining you no matter at anytime or any place.

You can easily download this application and here are some of the steps to follow before the downloading process. This is a safe and fully secured application which never infect your device with different viruses.

  • In the first step, you have to navigate to the settings on your device and then open the security option.
  • Here, you can see that the unknown sources option and you have to enable it.
  • Now, the APK will start to download and now you have to locate the file.
  • Next, you’ll get a confirmation window and open it.
  • Now, you have to tap on the allow button and click on the install button. Ola TV APK app starts to install on your device.


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