My Angela Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

My Angela Mod Apk is a cute girlfriend of our well known talking pet Tom, which is released by Outfit7. In November 2012 this was the first game was launched only for iphone and ipad. Later the android version was launched on Google play in 2014. After launching my angela mod apk is a part of millions players phone worldwide, especially children’s.

After all who does not like pet? Having a pet and taking care of it from the feeding to hygiene its the another level of experience. This my Angela mod apk gives us a chance to have our pet and can have fun with it. You can enjoy feeding, bathing, dressing them and decorating their rooms etc. It has outstanding graphics and top quality interface which will not let you put the phone even for a minute after installing it.

My Angela Mod Apk

Overview Of Angela Mod Apk

NameMy Talking Angela
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Features of My Angela MOD Apk

  • The purpose of most people who play this game is to raise cats until adulthood and buy expensive decorative items. You can buy the dresses of Princess Elsa or an alien outfit for Angela apk.
  • However, the money in the game is quite hard to earn. It will take a lot of time to buy unique outfits or decorations. We can help you With the amount available in My Angela MOD Apk Unlimited Money, you can shop comfortably with unlimited money and diamonds. Now, money is no longer your worry. However, you still need to reach the required level to buy some special clothing.
    Make Angela your very own superstar! Nurture her, sing to her, feed her delicious treats. Just watch – she’ll become your new best friend!
    Let your stunning sense of style shine through by giving Talking Angela a style make-over!
    Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush – customize to your heart’s content! With dozens of different colors and endless creative freedom; you can really express yourself!
    You’re fabulous, so make Angela fabulous too! Dress her in the latest fashions and the cutest costumes, from beautiful ballerina to punk ninja! Complete the look by giving her the perfect hairstyle too! With over a million different fashion combinations, you can create something truly unique!
  • Mod Info:
    – Coins. “Increase”
    – Diamonds. “Increase”
    – Ads Removed.
    – Collect Stickers to Unlock More Items.
  • This app contains:
    – Promotion of Outfit7’s products and contextual advertising
  • Links that direct users to other apps and Outfit7’s websites
  • Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
  • The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks
  • Watching videos of Outfit7’s animated characters via You Tube integration
  • The option to make in-app purchases
  • Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the current level reached by the player
  • Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchase using real money (level progress, games, in-game functionalities, ads)

Take care of Angela

As a cat lady, Angela needs a bath regularly. Click on the shower icon to take the cat to the bathroom, then you can bathe and brush your cat’s teeth. After each shower, you will receive a gold coin and experience to level up. Besides, Angela also needs to go to the toilet every day.

After a day of playing, your cat will be tired and want to go to sleep. At this point, you cannot play mini-games or talk to Angela mod apk. Put your cat to sleep and turn off the power, then close My Angela Mod Apk and wait a few hours to continue playing. Or you can use diamonds to buy medicine to help your cat get healthy right away.

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Reviews Of Angela Mod Apk

Itz Maz: I think this app is amazing, the reviews that are saying it has too many adds, you could just off your WiFi and put Bluetooth on, trust me, it does work!!After, when you need WiFi just put the Bluetooth off and then the WiFi on again, simple as that!! The best bit I like about the game is how it isn’t laggy, angela looks beautiful and it is a very well educational game for children!! This should be played, and you should ignore the bad reviews because that’s their device, not yours!!

Nmashru Mashru: I really like this game, no doubt, but it has a lot of adds, and it gets kind of boring. She gets sleepy a lot. It is boring not just in adds, but in general. But there are always good parts to a game. She is super cuuute, and I enjoy playing this game. P.S. Please fix the comments I made.????

Douleyni Simon: I love talking Angela it’s the best game but I just wanted you to know something it’s fun but they just talk you just take care of her and plus my Angela is 13 but she looks like a baby I want you to update her so she could be grown up when she’s like one three two she could act like a baby but she should grow up not stay the same I still like that dude game show if any of you noticed that I noticed it

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My talking angela is a gaming application and the most popular one which allows you to be the part of a pet’s journey from its childhood to adulthood with all the responsibility from growing up to grooming.

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