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GBWhatsApp Latest

GBWhatsApp: Hi Guys, we all know what is Whatsapp and when we purchase a new phone from shop or online we first install a Whatsapp in our mobile phone. The Whatsapp has 100 million downloads on playstore which proves that there are 99.99% chances that everyone has a whatsapp app in their mobile phone. We all spend 1-3 Hour daily on whatsapp for chatting and calling which becomes our daily routine in life. But, we face some restrictions on the official whatsapp app. So, today I’m will sharing GBWhatsapp Latest apk version so, we can access all the limited features of whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp has lots of amazing features then the official whatsapp app. Like, you can Hide Last seen, Online status, blue tick etc. the GBWhatsapp apk is the copied version of official whatsapp but comes with awesome features. There are many copied whatsapp versions are in the market but the best of them is GBWhatsapp. We can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version | gbwhatsapp download 6.95 apk latest version free !

Download GBWhatsApp 2020 Latest Version

RequiredAndroid 4.0 +
Downloads12,000,000 +
Main TaskExtra Features
Provided ByApk Mods Zone

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

The GBWA comes with all the features of official whatsapp but it also has some extra features. With the help of it you can customize your whatsapp according to yourself. The GBWhatsapp has amazing UI. After using this app you will make it your first preferred app. So, if you want to try the best features of whatsapp then must use GBWA . I’m sure that you will like this app and start using it and you will stop using the official whatsapp.

So, now I will guide you how you can install GBWA on your mobile phone and get some more extra features of it. You will get the Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Link above and at the last of this article. So, for installing this app you need the Android phone which has Android Version of 4.0+

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (Info)

Nowadays very popular and hottest application in messaging services is Whatsapp Messenger. In Whatsapp messenger you can create only one account. But many mobile phone having dual SIM. That’s the reason to introduce GBWhatsapp APK . It is used to create another Whatsapp account on your same device. This is not only for Android devices but also for iOS devices too. Don’t worry guys, now I’ll show you how to create another Whatsapp account by using GBWhatsapp application. And also how to download GBWhatsapp on your mobile phone.

About GBWhatsapp apk – Best GBWhatsapp mod

By using this you can send messages instantly. With the help of this great feature
only, it got number one position in messaging service applications. This is not only for sending messages, you can also send images, music, sounds, videos, documents, pdf and other files.

You can create group and chat with your best buddies. In GBWhatsapp one more awesome feature is available. It supports calls too. By using this feature you can make calls to your friends and family members.

GBWhatsapp Plus – Download it for android device and get extra features and function. Easy and simple deal two Whatsapp accounts from one mobile device.

GBWhatsApp APK is one of the best applications that an Android or IOS user can have installed on its smartphone. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular internet messaging platform in the world today. For those who do not know WhatsApp came out in 2009 and over the years, more and more people have ended up falling in love with it and today.

However, GBWhatsApp is definitely the best mod for WhatsApp which can be installed on your Android and IOS device as well right now. I guess that you’ve heard about GBWhatsApp but if not then do not worry as we will mention some its best features.

GBWhatsApp comes with extra features comparing with the standard version of WhatApp and thanks to this application you can you’ll be able to enjoy two accounts in a single device, isn’t awesome? Furthermore, you have the ability to send up to 90 images at the same time instead of 10 images. All features of this application are mentioned at the bottom of this post. So, at first download GBWhatsApp for Android or IOS device and come back to check all its features.

So, let’s start Guide.

GBWhatsApp VS WhatsApp

GBWhatsAppNormal WhatsApp
Themes SupportNo Theme Support
You Easily Can Disable CallingYou Can't Disable Calling
Always Online ModNo Always Online option
Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Online StatusHide Blue Tick only
Call via Phone Directly to other person from GBWhatsappCan't Make phone calls.
Chat Lock InbuiltNo Lock Option
Send Upto 90 Images at one TimeCan send only 10 Images Once


Download GBWhatsApp 2020 Latest Version (Install)

The installation process of GBWhatsapp is very easy. You just need download this app from the links which I provided you. After downloading app just follow the guide which I’m telling you. Very clearly I will explain it you guys will not face any problem.

So, the first and the main step is that you have to enable Unknown Sources from the security setting for your phone. This setting is vary for devices:


Gb Whatsapp Apk Download

Now, after enabling Unknown Sources from setting then open the GBWhatsapp apk which we have downloaded. And after that just install it.

Download GBWhatsApp 2020 Latest Version | GBWhatsApp Apk Download

After installing the GBWhatsApp Latest Apk just open it and then enter your mobile number which is showing in the screenshot below.

gbwhatsapp apk latest version
GBWhatsapp apk | Best GBWhatsapp mod

After entering your mobile number just verify it with OTP (One-Time-Password) which you will receive. Yes, that’s it you have done. You successfully installed the GBWhatsapp Latest apk on your mobile phone and now you are ready to access advanced features of Whatsapp.

gbwhatsapp latest version for android 2020
GBWhatsApp | Gb WhatsApp

So, after setting up your profile on whatsapp then you can access some more awesome features of GBWA like Theme, Lock Mod, changing whatsapp theme colour, customization etc.

You can check the below screenshots which are showing you the features of this Latest GBWhatsapp Apk.

Download Latest GBWhatsapp Apk
Download GBWhatsApp 2020 | GBWhatsApp Latest Apk
GBWhatsapp 2020
Download GBWhatsApp 2020 | GBWhatsApp Latest Apk
Download GBWhatsapp App Apk
GBWhatsapp Apk | download gbwhatsapp app apk



Latest Features of GB WhatsApp Apk


Gb whatsapp Apk has all the features of the official whatsapp also. But, now I will tell you about some extra features of GBWA like Hiding last see, hiding blue tick, hiding the online status for some specific contacts etc. There are some more features which you will find after installing Gb whatsapp Apk. Let’s see the list of top features of GBWA which you can enjoy them after installing:

  • It is fully based on the official and latest version of Whatsapp.
  • It has auto message reply feature also. So, that you can reply to your contacts automatically by scheduling the message when you are busy. The app will automatically send message.
  • You can hide your last seen and the online status also and hide the blue tick.
  • Added some extra features for the group admin for maintaining group in more proper way.
  • This app has inbuild DND feature which means that you can disable the internet for whatsapp only.
  • You can resend multiple Whatsapp messages at once.
  • You can hide view status privacy. Which means when you see any status of your contact then they will don’t know that you have seen their status.
  • Have the feature of hiding chats and saving stories.
  • You can send up to 50 MB file.
  • You can set group name up to 35 characters.
  • You can hide last seen, blue tick and typing status.
  • We can create broadcast of up to 600 peoples.
  • We can put the status up to 255 characters instead of 135 characters.
  • We can change the theme without any issue from settings.
  • You can also create any theme for whatsapp and send it to GBWA.
  • We can send up to 90 images instead of 10 images.
  • You can lock your whatsapp app without using any other third party app.
  • You can change the notification icon and the app icon which you like.
  • Some new emoji’s are added which are especially available on GBWhatsApp only.
  • Hide last seen for some specific contacts only instead of everyone.
  • Chat heads features like Facebook messenger.

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GBWA 6.95 Takes These Permissions of Your Mobile Phone

  • Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Internet Access
  • Location Access
  • Radio Access
  • Storage Access
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Mic Access
  • Camera Access
  • Access Background Tasks

GB WhatsApp Apk 6.95

  • You can enable or disable the notifications of revoked whatsapp messages.
  • You can get the history of revoked messages from the contact profile.
  • You can select all the chats from home screen.
  • Finally GBWhatsApp added the mention person feature in groups.
  • Also added UPI payment method.
  • We can convert any GIF into a Video.
  • You can also play any video from whatsapp to any video player.
  • You can also do auto reply.
  • Broadcast text conversation (only text conversation) .
  • You can share your live location with your contacts.
  • You can do quick reply just by pressing and holding the message and click on the text entry.
  • You can apply Filter or any effect on your photo when you send any photo.
  • Advanced Storage Management (Setting > Storage )
  • You can revoke multiple messages just by Selecting and click on delete icon.
  • You can copy the text status of your contacts.
  • We can remove the “Read More” Option in the long messages.
  • Now, we can send 100 Documents then 30.
  • You can search for theme or any emoji and add it or send it instantly.
  • You can schedule the message to multiple contacts in one click.
  • * Ability to hide impressions
  • * Privacy options
  • You can send group messages to groups
  • Hide any conversation
  • Automatic reply (you can send an automatic response to incoming messages when you are busy)
  • You can change the program line by approximately 30 lines
  • When someone delete a message from your device CEATEC notice tells you the message that wants to delete (recovered)
  • you can now stop online Alwatsab internet and keeps working in other programs

What’s New In GB whatsapp Apk 6.95

* Update to the new version 2.19.17
* Add new posts *
You can make a group call What group members
* If you select a message sent in the group you can reply to its sender individually in your own
* Fix the addition of stickers from Google Play
* Fix the collapse when trying to search for themes
* Other repairs

GB WhatsApp Update Apk Latest Download

So, the GB Whatsapp will get updated by their developers every month. You will get the Download link for GB WhatsApp Apk above the content and below the content which I provided.

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So, Guys this is the easy process by which you can install the Latest GB Whatsapp apk and can enjoy some extra features from the official whatsapp. We can hide our last seen, blue tick, can customize theme, you can schedule messages to your contact if you are busy etc. There many awesome features are available on this Mod app. Just install it and rock your life with GbWhatsApp APK

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