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Dead Target MOD Apk – reading the name of this game directly strikes only one motive of it, is killing the vulnerable zombies. The game is released by VNG GAME STUDIO, a publisher from Vietnam. In other, if you can see, this game has a lot of things common with Dead Target Mod Apk, but as the name and concept of this game are different it gives you joy or killing zombie which are very scary and horrified.

It’s unbelievable that this game has over 70 Million downloads and don’t know how many numbers of fans, it is also said that Dead Target is the one of the best and very famous zombie game till now. The best thing is, its absolutely free of cost and available for both Android as well as iOS users we will provide you with the link to download in the further article. But before downloading, have a look at the other interesting matters of the game.

The game’s context is all about from 2040, the era of human science and in that time the technology has put the step forward. The same time on other hand World War III was about to happen, as the defense minister has signed up with the company name MZ, in order to develop the huge project named Dead Target: where they were supposed to transform soldiers and prisoners into the vulnerable zombies and thinking of using them against the rival countries on the wartime rather than the normal fighters. But unfortunately, the plan didn’t work and the project goes all wrong MZ broke the deal and activated the deadly disease among the world.

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From the start, if we say then MZ chooses a particular city for testing the diseases, which later becomes the ultimatum for the government. To stop the testing high command ordered the force to look and search around every corner of the city in order to prevent the disease into the city. But, regrettably, it was too lamented. Finally, in the end, the force died, only you and Agent of M lived. Its the game of kill or be killed. You able to live or you become a zombie? Its simple to win keep on fighting, kill all the zombie who are in a way and let reinforcements save you.

As we have peek you earlier that this game is a bit similar to Dead Trigger, but the difference is you can’t move in this game. you are thinking i am crazy, well believe me its the truth. Almost all the players has do complained about it, but as we are dues to shoot and kill zombies in other games too, so in one unmovable postion and to defeat with the major number of zombies is not going to be great. Now this is the thing which has lead this game to an all new level. Hey, don’t be afraid, you can still kill zombies with the weapon and support of SWAT force.

The thrilling spice of the game is you can’t imagine what can come next to you. You can’t even imagine the place from where the zombie will appear with what special power. Some times you can be tricked by the zombie who is looking week but contains a lot of bullets, while the has the power to split out the axit or a ferocious zombie dog can directly rush at you.

Features :

  • Sound is excellent
  • A fascinating and exciting storyline
  • There is a large head, scary and very deadly
  • Unparalleled graphics and very high detail
  • There are different types of zombies
  • The ability to upgrade several steps weapons
  • The gameplay is incredibly attractive, flowing and very entertaining
  • The ability to buy weapons, ammunition and military equipment
  • There are different locations and missions in the city
  • The portability and use two weapons at any stage
  • The ability to earn points and make more money with a shot to the head (Head shot) and shoot critical (Critical Hit)
  • Three-dimensional design and excellent characters, weapons, vehicles, explosions, etc.


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Zombie Dead Target Apk

No matter what situation may come you need to give your best shot in killing zombies. It’s not just a matter of surviving into the game but also brings you gold in a huge amount. The key point to kill any zombie is you need to hit on his head. In favor to kill, you can also hit on his chest but then it won’t kill him with just one bullet but needs two bullets to get killed and also you’ll acquire less money. you just need to manage the sensitivity before aiming.

We bet you, the more level you cross the more weapons you get. Dead Target is having a lot of weapons such as rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, grenade launchers etc. On initial levels, you can compete with the standard pistol and MP5. Then after some levels, the zombies become more and more vulnerable where you can get the chance to explore for more guns. you get the option of buying and upgrading your weapons, in case you stuck at any stage for long.

The graphics of the games are developed on the Unity Engine 4.0 platforms consist of a-one quality images. As we discussed the game has a lot better hold on both the devices. The background is designed on a horror theme in order to make the game more dramatic.

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Reviews By Users

Mrinal Samant: Very rewarding game. It even encourages the players who don’t make in game purchases. Almost all guns and accessories can be bought by playing with dedication. This game has kept the spirit of true gaming alive unlike other games where you win matches only if you make good purchases from them. Kudos to the team behind Dead Target. I wish them success.

Balakrishna Jadahav: Wow! Such a game in my life. It’s very scary and I get nightmares. It’s cool and awesome game. Only one thing was I could not complete the 9th mission of this game. All missions were easy – peasy, I dealed with machinist zombies, homeless zombies and even Venom zombies which my sister called it a santa zombie. Graphics are awesome. Upgrading weapons was extremely easy except the 9th mission.???.

Joshua Webb: I enjoy playing the game but at times it freezes up and restarts I have I phone that runs 4 gb of ram with quad core and 32 gb of memory plus an external memory card 512gb and the game still freezes and restarts the first few levels I didn’t have an issue with but the further I got I. Servival mode it would freeze and the boss level would freeze as well over all I enjoy the game just these few issues

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Conclusion: You should play the game once and we are sure you will find it interesting as it has many unique features in it.


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