App Cloner Premium Apk Download 2020

App Cloner Premium Apk is an application for android system by AppListo, which allows you to create multiple copies of your favorite applications which will run individually from the original ones. You can also clone the games, as it is not limited to only applications. For using this application you don’t need to root or required any specific operating system. Enjoy multiple accounts, whatever the purpose would be, may it can be gaming or personal use.

At the time of using App Cloner Premium Apk you can easily switch from the original application to the clone one in no time without any error of complexity. There is no worries of losing data here as your can give priority to your choices application, no matter if its original or cloned one. Here you need to manually update the application, you’ll not receive any notification for change and can stay on the current stage of application as long as you want. It supports many well known applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and many more.

App Cloner Premium Apk Features

This provides you with detailed information on all of the App Cloner Premium APK features.

  • Creates Multiple Instances

As we mentioned earlier, App Cloner clones can make duplicates of almost any app you have. There are some limitations.

  • App Customization

You can change the app name and icon along with it. For an example, you do not have to stick with the same old default icons. With App Cloner, you can assign new icons and names to your newly cloned apps. Not only that, you can also assign new languages, display colors to your cloned apps and you can set the brightness or do not disturb mods for the apps you clone. If you find that auto start and wake lock features that come with some apps are useless; you can disable them too. We’ve been digging hard to find App Cloner’s all of the features and found out that it has over 100 customization options available.

  • Permissions

You can add/remove new permissions to cloned apps. This feature allows users to view the permissions of apps and modify them as they would want. For an instance, you can set different types of permissions to your cloned app.

  • Privacy

App Cloner brings a lot of privacy options to the table. You can easily spoof your device ID, use incognito mode or hide the actual location.

App Cloner Mod Apk benefits

Benefits of App Cloner Pro version includes:

  • Clone your favorite apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail (available to free users as well).
  • Replace the launcher’s icons.
  • Create several clones.
  • Save or share your cloned apps with your friends.
  • Silence, sound, and vibration notifications.
  • Enable options such as, disable data, disable storage space management, automatically remove recent files, confirm to exit and open links with.
  • Change your Android ID and even your hardware’s serial number.
  • Hide your IMEI number and the MAC address.
  • Use fake locations.
  • Change colors and sizes.
  • Protect apps with a password.
  • Automation options.
  • Prevent screenshots.

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Whats Users Say About App Cloner Mod Apk:

Nathan Farley: I got this so I could have two facebooks, and so far, it’s working great. There’s one thing I would like to see added, though. I see there’s a color theme add-on for whatsapp. I would love to see a color theme add-on for facebook, too.

Prem Borkade: Used to use parallel til they stopped allowing you to create home screen shorcuts for the cloned apps. This app does the same thing but with less ads and you get your shortcut. Would recommend

Peter Mao: Its the best..its a solution in a problem.Highly recommended for school kids and adults.For those who also have many sim cards.. Read More

Final Words

You can enjoy replica of your desired application without any error or fear of losing data. It not only replicate the applications but also the games. Best part is no any kind of specific requirements to use this application just an android device is needed which is very basic now-a-days.

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